At Southeast, we take pride in our equipment going down the road. We also know that for our drivers, this is their second home. That is why when it came time to replace our fleet, we chose Volvo. The Volvo VN series provides aerodynamics and integrated drive trains that maximizes fuel efficiency and performance.  Driver enhancement features allow operators to be their best using the Volvo I-Shift transmission and other integrated solutions. The VN incorporates collision avoidance equipment that makes them safer on the road and uptime designs and support that maximizes reliability and keeps them on the road.

“The Volvo VN. Known throughout the industry as the design that brought long haul trucks into the 21st Century. Built to be more fuel efficient, safer, more reliable and easier to service. In other words, built to ensure your success. The VN series––now nine models strong––lives up to its lofty reputation every day. The smooth sloping hood, sleek curves and graceful lines represent the most aerodynamic truck design on the highway today, for exceptional fuel economy. Each VN wraps you in a spacious, handsomely appointed cab that makes life on the road more comfortable, with a smooth ride that makes any route more enjoyable. Even the VN Daycab offers the largest non-sleeper cab in the industry, with more headroom, width and depth. VN trucks are built to handle a wide range of transportation needs and save money in the long run. Each VN pays you back with greater reliability, less maintenance and longer service life. Not to mention a full complement of accident avoidance and occupant protection safety features. Each VN model offers innovative looks, aerodynamic styling, unmatched safety features and state-of-the-art technology. These are attributes you’ll enjoy every day you climb into the cab of your new Volvo VN.”