Southeast Promotes Safety!!!!

Southeast Frozen Foods subscribes to the “Captain of the Ship” philosophy. This empowers the drivers to make sound decisions that affect safe working conditions, safe driving and safe deliveries. The philosophy includes an open door to all levels of management to voice safety concerns. This ensures the interests of the employee, the Company and the public are protected.

Southeast Frozen Foods has a comprehensive written safety policy. The policy is reinforced with periodic safety meetings, updates to regulations and policies through alerts and memorandums and daily verbal communication. This policy also includes rewards for safe behavior, to include: collision/injury free operation, positive driving observations and violation free roadside inspections. Drivers are routinely advised of the Safety Measurement System scores, which is the summary of the roadside inspections, and steps the drivers can follow to improve the scores.

The highlight of this program is the annual safety banquet, held during the first quarter of the year, to reward the drivers for their safety accomplishments of the previous year. The banquet is an off-site event for the drivers and their spouses, attended by Company executives, to recognize the important role safety plays in the success of the Company. Drivers receive cash awards, plaques/trophies and gifts in recognition of their various accomplishments.