Southeast Frozen Foods strives to stay ahead on technology. We have automated selection and loading in our warehouses with Vocollect. Vocollect is a voice activated system that directs the selector and loader on selection and loading. We are implementing a new On Board System in our tractors, Peoplenet. The drivers will now have heavy duty tablets rather than a stationary keypad in the cab. This will allow drivers to take pictures and email the office, attend driver meetings via a webinar, to name a few. With Peoplenet we are automating many functions within our transportation offices including payroll. With automation comes less errors from human calculations.

Peoplenet has very friendly user electronic logs. It also has automated pre and post trip, with results being emailed directly to the Ryder shop and transportation managers. The navigation system gives turn by turn voice directions with detailed specific directions for last 500 yards into destination. This allows us to give drivers a heads up on best ways to get into customer and issues to watch out for.

PeopleNet technoloty for CDL Drivers at SEFFWe are very excited with even more future automation from Peoplenet. We have scheduled implementation for electronic signature deliveries which will allow us to become an almost paperless delivery. We also have scheduled for implementation of a scanning process which will allow drivers to scan pallets as they deliver to ensure correct pallets are delivered to customers. 

We want to give our drivers all the tools possibly to make job easier and to help eliminate errors during deliveries and with paperwork.